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  The Plug-and-Play Remote Access Device

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Tosibox for Building Automation Systems and Security:

Control and supervise the Temperature, Air Conditioning, Access Control, Alarms and Security Cameras. Tosibox enables cost savings in real life Real Estate managing.

For example:
Service Alarm managing without the need to visit the service location personally or real-time videocamera surveillance at no extra cost.

Tosibox for Office and Tech Support:

Remote work access to the server, computer and email of a company with high data security level.

For example:
An employee is able to access the company design software over the internet.
Tosibox enables easy, cost effective and secure remote access between internet connections. The internet connection is converted into direct, protected tunnel between two terminal device.

Tosibox for Industry:

Control, supervise and maintain equipment and production lines. The equipment can communicate with each other.

For example:
Industry equipment provider has a Tosibox lock sent and connected in a service location. After this the control and maintenance of production line can be done via the internet, at any location selected by the equipment provider.

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