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  The Plug-and-Play Remote Access Device

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What is Tosibox?

Tosibox is a patented information automation device that enables easy,
cost effective and secure remote access between internet connections.
The internet connection is converted into direct, protected tunnel
between two terminal device.

What does it do?

Tosibox automatically creates a tunnel over internet, between the
two terminal device. The typical use cases are with Industry-PC:s,
Human-Machine-Interfaces, Programmable Logic Controls, Real Estate
Automation, IP-Cameras, Computers and Servers.

Security in data transfer.

Special care has been taken to maximize the data security of Tosibox
which is the best on the remote access market. Tosibox requires neither
port openings nor modifications in the firewall. Both user and system
related data security issues have been taken care of in advanced way.


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